About Us:


A Collective Clique that provides its customers and viewers with the best product available.


Our goal is to not only satisfy the customer, but to fully engage them and collaborate to develop the best possible outcome for their desires. By brainstorming ideas, we come together and agree on what will astound the viewer and ultimately provide the them with an essential pathway to the their connection of the project.


Rebellious Entertainment produces Commercials, Films, Graphic Design, Weddings, Photo Shoots, Music Videos and Live Performances. Rebellious consists of two members, Peter & John Barlow. Peter Barlow, Owner and Creative Director of Rebellious Entertainment, uses his creativity and his experience behind the camera to highlight his extraordinary talents. His credentials include graduating Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Digital Media. Also, Peter is a recipient of awards from the Cleveland Institute of Art's Scholastic Awards and various collegiate scholarships. John Barlow, Head of Social Media & Promotions, uses his innovative skills on set as well as with hand-on-projects. His vast knowledge of social media has helped increase the popularity of Rebellious Entertainment. John has researched and studied ways to connect us to the global market.

Our current client list includes musicians, buisness owners, bands, film students, newlyweds and inventors.


Again, our goal is to go beyond the ordinary to fulfull and more than satisfy the needs of each client.